Find and persecute gay people

Or do you agree with me that it is right? I never heard them rank themselves against survivors of the Armenian Genocide or the Cambodian Killing Fields, either. Aristotle was gay. This bigoted attack on a religious service did not discredit ACT UP; indeed, you can now read an article celebrating it courtesy of the U.

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  • Banton wrote a song when he was 15 years old that became a hit when he released it years later in called "Boom Bye Bye".
  • After handing down his judgment, he said: "I don't much care for queers cruising the streets picking up teenage boys
  • I am the greatest of sinners.

The Austrian Jewish Shoah survivor Simon Wiesenthal argued, for example, that "the Holocaust transcended the confines of Jewish community and that there were other victims. The victimist argument raises a central tenet as to the reasons for which the discourse of a Gay Holocaust has experienced so much resistance politically and popularly in the conscious of the public.

Gay and Lesbian Persecution in Germany, Finkelstein described how the collective "initially rejected the pink triangle because of its links to the Nazi concentration camps" but ultimately "returned to it for the same reason, inverting the triangle as a gesture of a disavowal of victimhood.

Find and persecute gay people
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