Found gay bars concentrated in the Taksim area

Istanbul gay bars, gay clubs, discos, gay friendly cafe bars in Istanbul listed with up-to-date addresses, descriptions, visitor reviews, location maps and more General Information:. This lively venue occasionally screens indie films and documentaries, and gives local musicians a chance to show off their unique sound.

Male belly dancer and simple drag shows performed by the bar staff can be fun to see, usually on Tuesday nights after am, and there are various show on weekend nights including a go-go show sometimes even a bear version of it.

How many days? Some taxi drivers may over-ride tourists to charge them more. Wanderin star, this is purely hearsay and not your personal experience.

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Posts on the TripAdvisor forums may be edited for a short period of time. Recent Events In July , after weeks of demonstrations in Taksim Square, police cleared the large crowd using teargas and water cannons, and lawyers representing the demonstrators were detained.

In addition to this wonderful selection of historical and architectural sites, Sultanahmet also has a large concentration of carpet and souvenir shops, hotels and guesthouses, cafes, bars and restaurants, and travel agents. Conference center is also attracting businessmen, who are escaping rapid tempo of urban life for "cultural tourism" and business - holiday mixed activities.

Lambda Istanbul is Turkey's largest queer liberation group, with basic info in English, or with more in Turkish. A Turkish site called Gabile is also very popular but if you only speak English it will be a bit limited.

Found gay bars concentrated in the Taksim area
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