Organization ILGA to maintain a website listing gay travel advisories

Behaviour that's legal in Australia could be illegal in more conservative countries. Department of State. Risks can be higher for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex LGBTI people in some countries.

Check out our travel advice on partying safely. It's your responsibility to get the facts first, and take steps to reduce your risks. But eventually, after an exchange, a gay traveler may choose to reveal his actual location, which, in certain places, is potentially risky.

Bali is incredibly popular among gay travelers and has one

The ASWAT group provides a safe space for any Palestinian woman who identifies as lesbian, bi-sexual, transsexual, transgender or inter-sexual, where we can break our individual silence through dialogue, self-education, healing and activism. This list covers just criminalisation of sexual activity; many nations prohibit or criminalise conduct such as wearing garments of the opposite gender the distinction between transgender and homosexual is lost on a few less-accepting jurisdictions , serving alcohol to gays as a tactic to shut down LGBT bars or speaking out on gay and lesbian issues.

The abbreviation LBT stands for: lesbians, bisexual women, transsexual and transgender people. British citizens may have access to marriage in a limited number of British consulates abroad in nations which neither object to nor offer same-sex marriage locally.

Organization ILGA to maintain a website listing gay travel advisories
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