JDate Welcomes Gays Jewish Journal

Do you really want your son to have the identical shindig as the rest of his buddies, or would you like to surprise him with a reception that will model the creative, free thinker you want him to become? RamahDate, a specialized online dating platform that Camp Ramah and matchmaking powerhouse JDate are working on together, will launch in May.

Look for a great painting or photographs, an amazing old piano, a serious piece of furniture or chandelier. She claims, among other things, that Mateen sent her abusive texts following the end of an on-and-off romantic relationship and that the company pushed her out, stripping her of her co-founder title.

Whiner — and stayed with them far too long? Last year was big for Spark Networks. So I log onto Jdate this morning to read an email and do a quick search.

Gay people should be accepted

This is not about whether to support a Christian law school. But perhaps because they are so assimilated or because of their long history of persecution, Jews are given a collective pass in American culture—this casual reference to racial preservation seems almost wry and ironic.

We in North America must do our part as well. I suspect that what they really mean, but do not say directly, is that anything at all that Israel does to defend herself is not legitimate.

JDate Welcomes Gays Jewish Journal
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