See also: Against Equality and Gay Shame

Be proud of what you are, man! Ferree and Miller apply a social psychological model of cognitive processing to the issue of individual participation in movement activities, focusing on "beliefs about the nature of social relationships, one's position in the social structure, and the causes and consequences of social action" p.

In portable book form, the critical conversations that are happening so readily on the internet will no longer be withheld from those with little to no online access like queer and trans prisoners, people of low income, rural folks and the technologically challenged. Many of the authors seem shocked that, gasp!!

Eric A.

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Some transgender people do not fit into either of these binary categories. November 26, Report. A book titled Gay Shame was reviewed on Lambda Literary in Reflective of the vast scope of this book, the contributions are divided into six categories: "Gay Shame," which offers an introduction to both the conference and the volume; "Performing Shame," which examines shame as an affect produced and reflected through performance; "Spectacles of Shame," which considers imagery, both popular and erotic, that induces shame; "Disabled Shame," which explores shame in the lives of those living with disabilities; "Histories of Shame," which concerns shame in LGBTQ histories; and lastly "Communities of Shame," which examines shame and its relationship to identity politics.

Many interviewees pointed out that religious exemption laws exacerbate their legal vulnerability in multiple ways.

See also: Against Equality and Gay Shame
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