There are no official gay bars in Dubai though one

Most gay life is very underground - restricted to expat compounds and private homes. Just curious, what kind of phone do you have? Share on Facebook.

For someone who s not openly gay

Crowne Plaza Dubai. There are no official gay clubs, but locations of unofficial gay clubs circulate on the Internet and men gather with little fear of the consequences. Whilst homosexuality is a crime in Dubai, there still exists an active underground gay scene thanks to the large expat population.

Arguably by acknowledging male rape Emiratis authorities may consider that as encouraging sodomy by only criminalizing the behavior when it is not consensual. It is against the law to drink without a license, for instance, but foreigners can only get one if they are residents.

The bar is very gay-friendly with staff being equally cooperative towards gay couples.

There are no official gay bars in Dubai though one
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