Was Arafat Gay

Or do you think the lab employee has Zionist sympathies? After the foreign national hostages were taken off the planes and moved away from them, three of the planes were blown up in front of international press, which took photos of the explosion.

This would be of no consequence to the world at large.

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New medical records that were released in July showed that Arafat's condition was initially diagnosed as viral gastroenteritis by his Arab doctors who took care of him in the West Bank in the Mukataa before he was airlifted to France, although his condition later improved and he even joined in the fast of Ramadan.

Al Arabiya. Former Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's wife of 14 years, calls marriage to him 'big mistake' explaining she attempted leaving time and again but he prevented her from doing so. By then it was clear that Arafat was not likely to live much longer.

Was Arafat Gay
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