The first time I got fucked in a Gay Sauna


Designed for people to go into and have some fun! It has a light trap at the door of the room, which made it pitch black. Then when the head hits the back of your throat just swallow. He would pull his dick out of my throat just when I was about to explode from lack of air and then thrust it back in.

On my way down i could feel the cum dripping out of my ass and down my leg.

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  • I was misguided as it turned out, but at the time I didn't know any better. With his cock rock hard from fucking my face, I told him I wanted him to fuck me.
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  • Fast jerking in the sauna CrazyFuckingBoy. This he dribbled onto my crack, and he pushed some into me with one finger.
  • He was middle-aged, probably about ish.
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The first time I got fucked in a Gay Sauna

Title your feedback:. You may not duplicate or copy any portion of this site without permission. We lay panting in a heap for about a minute. I guess he wasn't even going to let me say no.. Search for:. Skip to toolbar About WordPress.

The first time I got fucked in a Gay Sauna
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